GreatScapes & More loves the holidays, and our clients do too. Our commercial and retail clients love the holidays because they know they can depend on us to take some of the seasonal pressure off them. So, why shouldn’t you? Decorating your home for the holidays (inside or out) can somehow turn into a burden – no matter how hard you try to have a great attitude. When we take some of the pressure off you – well it can be fun again. Our design team is ready with some very creative holiday decorating ideas to fit both your style and budget. You can visit our showroom and select your favorite ribbons, wreaths, bows and other holiday touches, or you can let us take the lead. We can even include your own favorite decorations to make sure the look is personal. Whatever your preference, your holiday decorating will be done on time, without stress, and it will look fabulous. What could be better?

Oh, and after the season is over, we can come and remove your decorations, storing them in our warehouse for next year. Our clients love this! So give us a call, give yourself a holiday gift, and take one thing off your holiday “to do” list. (Oh, and it can be our little secret!)

If you would like to give live plants or floral arrangements to those on your gift list, let us take care of that item too.


"Rob, Meg and their team have decorated my home and grounds for the holidays for years. It saves me so much time, and I really like what they do for us, and I'm not easy to please."

W. E. Singleton

We can even use your decorations
Gold and white were favorites this year
Christmas can be found in lots of spots

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