To create a positive and lasting impression for your tenants and prospects, the interior of your building needs to look as welcoming on the inside as on the outside. And while that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune, adding plants to the lobby area as well as throughout a building will soften the hard edges of concrete, tile and steel making a significant difference in first impressions, and lasting impressions.

Who can fail to be charmed by the graceful arch of palm leaves or the exotic beauty of bromeliads? Research has shown that the value of plants in the workplace goes far beyond the purely aesthetic. Plants are actually good for the building and its occupants in a number of subtle ways. Plants are an important element in providing a pleasant, tranquil environment where people can work or relax. Sick Building Syndrome is a serious and expensive issue, and the degree to which interior plants can positively affect employees’ health is an important issue in today’s workplace. There are several conclusive studies regarding health claims relating to Sick Building Syndrome among office workers. When plants were included in an office environment there was a significant drop in complaints related to poor indoor air quality and sick building syndrome.

GreatScapes & More has been in the business of creating and maintaining interior and exterior plantings for years. Having deep roots as a part of The Great Big Greenhouse, we know and understand plants, how they can enhance the lives of those around them, and we understand the needs of our property owners and property managers.

Give us a call, or email us. We can talk about your vision and your budget and come up with an appropriate plan.

The right size plant for the space

A few plants will warm up an office

Maintaing office plants doesn't
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